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The digital toolbox for the installer.

EPiC is the new ABB app for installing, configuring, and controlling low voltage products Tmax XT, Emax 2, and M4M. It allows BLE, NFC connections, and device recognition thanks to advanced features such as augmented reality.
dashboard virtuale con i parametri fondamentali e una sezione di gestione dei settaggi e delle impostazioni.
ABB's world at your fingertips.

The application is integrated into the ABB service ecosystem, including the Marketplace, MyABB profile management, and Support. It provides installers with everything they need.

The installation and configuration of a product are simplified by the ability to connect and set logical parameters and protection curves directly from the app.


Each device features a virtual dashboard with essential parameters and a section to manage settings and configurations.

The project's aesthetics adhere to ABB's guidelines, and its design is comfortable by an ergonomics consistent with the onboard interfaces of various devices.

A robust and expandable structure
Beacause of its advanced usage context, we have placed particular emphasis on security and stability.

Every part of the project has been implemented following the DRY and SOLID development patterns. Services are injected into various application layers via dependency injection to isolate code modules and promote the testability of individual parts.
Before being realesed, app must  be checked by a solid development system, including  code review, validation, integrated testing, and in-lab testing.  This process allows the large working team to integrate parts of the code naturally and progressively. 

The project is developed in Xamarin, the Microsoft solution that requires a single common code base for iOS and Android and offers the possibility to support other systems without rewriting the code. Moreover, this solution allows us to share many of the libraries written for the ABB Ekip Connect desktop application, in this way development times are significantly reduced.
First and foremost: connectivity

EPiC allows to interact with different ABB's devices using different connection or idnetification solutions.
The BLE and NFC technologies allow for a quick connection and real-time value reading. To do this, we have developed dedicated libraries to optimize performance and provide a satisfying user experience.
Augmented Reality and Productivity
If you want to identify the device, you can point the camera at it, and the augmented reality engine takes care of the rest.
This module has been trained to recognize not only the type of product but also the housings of compatible accessories.
It's possible to select an area of the device and choose the accessory to install by overlaying the 3D reconstruction into the camera's view. Once technical information about the additional component is displayed, you can proceed to order the component.
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