is substance.

User experience

We won't sell you
a template

We design attractive, easy-to-use, unique interfaces.
How do we manage that? Simple – by designing nothing at all...
Or at least, not straight away.
First off, we get up-close and personal with the user, the user context and the market of reference for your new project.
We run on curiosity, and we ask ourselves a whole load of questions, like: Who is the user? Are they an expert or an occasional user? What stage of the purchasing process are they in? How and where do they use the app? Does the market have certain conventions that have to be respected? And what are the competitors doing? Only when we have all of this information at our fingertips can we lay out the guidelines to delineate the ergonomics, interaction flows and browsing structure.
This is where the cool stuff starts! 
We start from the prototyping before introducing, piece by piece, all of the elements that make for an effective user interface: alignment with the corporate image, neuromarketing solutions, texts that take the right tone – and we also take account of any technological constraints, as well as matters of accessibility and future expansion.
The result of this creative process is a clean, satisfying ergonomic experience, naturally embedded in the context in which it will be used by your users, to which we add XTRA's greatest value-add: uniqueness.

Our quality model

Analysis of the context, the audience and the competitors

Gradual development of the concept

Integration of  neuromarketing solutions

Analysis of technological constraints and expandibility

Checking and ensuring compliance with all accessibility criteria

A website that leaves its mark.

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