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Your project
done right

It's stronger than us –  from the moment we start putting a digital project together we're already thinking big.
We only use tried-and-tested technologies that are both robust and rapid – technologies that we know inside out (ASP.NET Core, Swift for iOS, Kotlin for Android, MAUI, Azure) and which allow us to build a site or an app through a modular approach.
The quality model we apply is based on architectural analysis, integration and unit tests, code reviews and benchmarking, all with a view to making 100% sure that every part of the design is resilient, expandable and, above all, secure.
Moreover, every module is integrated into an ecosystem that encompasses everything from storage services to artificial intelligence, via the use of CRM and identity providers, as well as interfacing with solutions that are already available within your business.
Thanks to the input of our legal experts, the project delivers  “privacy by design” in order to implement solutions at all levels that respect the data-processing guidelines. Last but not least, after it is released, every design undergoes constant upgrades and is subject to regular checks of its entire infrastructure.

Our quality model

Analysis of the architecture and the solutions 

Pairing and code reviews on every iteration

Application of robust, scalable patterns

Performance optimization with benchmarking

Best security practices built-in

Project supervision with regular check-ups 

Integration and unit tests

The digital toolbox for the installer