consumption makes
the difference.


Enhancing performance
to reduce consumption

It's worth knowing that the Internet generates 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions – equivalent to all air traffic.
Reducing the energy footprint of digital services is not just an economic issue, it's also a commitment towards our future. At XTRA, we bring the energy consumed by your project right down to the bare minimum thanks to our lean, highly optimized solutions.
For example, we improve the server-side processes thanks to asynchronous programming, where the system can carry out multiple tasks simultaneously, rapidly freeing up resources.
As part of our quality model, we measure the performance of the code at every phase of development to reduce the consumption of poorly performing, energy-hungry processes. At the same time, we optimize the content sent to the browsers using policies for caching, asset compression and data recovery only when strictly necessary.
In short, what we want to make crystal clear is that here at Xtra our focus is no only compensating for CO2 use but on reducing it substantially.

Our quality model

Analysis of the architecture and the solutions

Optimization of the client code and server code

Monitoring of consumption and tuning