ML Engraving
A website that leaves its mark.

The project reflect the soul of the company: innovative, highly technological, and above all, unique.
ML Engraving, known as "The surface gurus", is specialized in laser engravings of extreme precision on molds, for the fashion, automotive, and product design sectors. It is constantly changing and it accepts even the most complex challenges. It is able to overcome these challenges thanks to its high technical expertise and strong international focus.
Project's objectives were clear: express the uniqueness of the brand and build a direct and effective corporate narrative to let users discover and understand the services of the ML Engraving ecosystem.
Services include All’interno di questi ultimi troviamo co-design solutions, various texture applications, and the design process with the innovative DRE® system, that ensures a match between digital preview and laser engraving.
A breathtaking design.
The User Interface innovativa frames ML Engraving story, coupled with simple and intuitive User Experience, becomes the project's strong point. By using light and dark elements, we keep users' attention high during navigation and content reading. 

Text are created by Alfabeta and feature short and direct paragraphs with clear and immediate visuals. We convey  the quality of the craftsmanship and the materiality of the materials thanks to 3D assets crafted by Mocubico. The realistic finishes of metals and printed objects are highlighted by the play of lights reminiscent of laser effects. Finally, we involve users in a real tour of the company headquarters through the drone video by Bearoll. The aim is showcase the attention to detail and the in-house production cycle at ML.
Anteprima desktop e mobile di ML Engraving
From emotion to action.
The true guiding thread of the project is services, eachone has itsown vertically organized page structured according to the conversion funnel.
The 3D assets are the emotional introduction to the funnel showing benefits, advantages and case study. These latter describe solutions adopted by ML Engraving highlighting customer satisfaction. The related services allow users to explore the ecosystem of processes and create a narrative continuum.
We chose to make the names of the services more intuitive and "user-friendly" to reduce misunderstandings. Each page is created following WCAG criteria, with responsive design, and is navigable in both Italian and English to enhance accessability.



DRE®: bridge between design and laser engravings.
DRE® is one of the technological gems of ML Engraving, which is why we have dedicated a page where you can experience the immersive journey. The 3D product can be manipulated, scaled, and viewed from every angle. We have also integrated the DRE Repository, which allows users to access 3D renders of their projects through a personal area.
DRE® lets user preview the product with the enhanced surface through a three-dimensional and immersive experience, while DRE Repository lets users archive, compare, and choose their preferred renders. The e-commerce lets users to purchase and experience the precision and accurancy of engravings on unique egg-shaped samples.
This is just the beginning.
The release of a project doesn't mean we're done; in fact, we continually perform technical maintenance, SEO analysis, and link building activities. We regularly analyze statistics and KPIs to identify improvements and new integrations. 
Last but definitely not least, we monitor consumption and optimize the architecture to keep the site fast and high-performing. 
This is what it means to create a website that leaves its mark.
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