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Yamaha Motor Dealer.

One soul, a hundred websites

Yamaha Motor asked us to design and develop a centralized solution that allows each dealer to manage their own website. The goal is to create aesthetic continuity across the various sites while preserving the uniqueness of each sales point, both in terms of content and services.
Easy management, adherence to Yamaha Motor's corporate identity, integration with centralized services, and a special focus on smartphone navigation.
We use the Yamaha Cloud portal, that is the restricted access solution based on DataWeb for all dealer services, to manage all contents.
Anteprima desktop e mobile del Dealer Site
Using Yamaha's aesthetic communication solutions allows us to make the site instantly recognizable: users immediately understand they are in the right place. As you can imagine, if we only apply this strategy, the risk is making all projects
look very similar, losing that local value which is fundamental to the project. There is a close relationship between the dealer and the customer and this relationship has to stand out to create an emotional link.
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User Experience: A Glocal Approach.
Based on this consideration, we identified Yamaha's general solutions useful for the project, categorizing them as "Global," meaning they are common across all sites. This category includes aesthetic solutions, colors, fonts, and certain high-quality visual assets like visuals. Naturally, centralized services, such as the catalog, also fall into this category. These elements are essential both to define the Yamaha essence of the project and to offer established services beneficial to the site visitor.
On the other hand, we have a series of contents that provide a "Local" touch to the project: opening hours and direct contact information, chat and staff, news and events related to the dealer's activities, used vehicles, rentals, and road tests. These elements "bring closer" the project to the dealership and its operational area, strengthening the relationship with the customer.
This is, therefore, a careful balance we have achieved with the latest version of the projec, after numerous prototypes of layouts and navigation structures.
Yamaha Cloud is the platform for managing services for the Dealer and is also the most natural solution for website management.
Professionals can find dedicated areas in Yamaha Cloud where they can manage communications, materials, and tools dedicated to the operation of the sales point and the workshop. The project is flexible and allows us uncompromisingly to add a new area dedicated to website management. Additionally, thanks to the multi-user concept, the dealer can independently create specific users to whom they can entrust the management of the module.
What can you do in this new section?
Many things, such as customizing store hours. Or you can manage news with layout, images, and documents. You can create and customize dedicated pages, enrich the homepage with visuals and highlights, set up informative toast notifications, and much more.
The Shop section allows you to upload products and offers, while the Used section allows you to post vehicles for sale, specifying all their features. A dedicated module takes care of making the motorcycles filterable and ready to be synchronized with external portals such as Moto.it and Subito.it. Finally, users have access to a website settings page where they can independently manage integrations with Google Analytics, Google Maps, reviews, social networks, and chat.
Performance and scalability to satisfy both users and Google.

We have paid special attention to how to manage assets uploaded by dealers, in this way all optimization is automated. The system generates image thumbnails only when needed and at the right size, scripts are compressed, and all content is fetched from a cache that is updated only in case of changes. The result is a very fast website, a fundamental requirement to satisfy mobile users and Google's ranking parameters.
Prestazioni per Google Lighthouse dei Dealer Sites
And speaking of SEO...
To each one his SEO.

We introduced general SEO rules tailored to the dealership's area of competence to optimize the individual projects. URLs, meta tags, and content are automatically customized based on the dealer to minimize page duplication across different sites as much as possible. The on-page data (tags and micro-data) have been set with all the prominent features of the vehicles: this way, identifying information is visible on the search engine's page.

Sections with a strong local impact or that respond to the main search intentions, such as "buying used motorcycles" and "Yamaha motorcycle rental", are enriched with structured data, which provide the specifications of the vehicles for sale or available for rental.