Action list

Every item in the list has its own menu of contextual actions (i.e. actions dedicated to the item in question).
Certain actions may not be available based on the item's status and the user's permissions.
The contextual actions are:
  • Open/Modify: opens an item as read-only or in modify mode
  • Clone: allows you to create a copy of the item 
  • Set as Active/Preview/Inactive: changes the status of the item
  • Remove from section: removes the link if it is found in several sections, or sets it as Deleted
  • Remove from all sections: sets as Deleted
The Clone action creates an exact copy of the original item. The new item is not complete. It is therefore necessary to open it at least once and save it.
It is important to highlight that the item's data are copied and any dependent items are linked.
For example, if you have a news article called News1 with a linked image called Image1, the clone will duplicate the news, creating a news article called News2 with Image1 linked to it.