Submission line

The submission line contains all of the emails sent to the newsletter processing system (DataDeliver).
This service periodically gathers up the emails with the Waiting status and prepares them for submission, formatting the content, and then delivers them to the mail service. It then updates the status to Sent.
The service processes the item only once the scheduled submission date has been reached.
In the item detail you can find a report on the submission:
  • Emails sent: this is the total number of emails for which the service has taken charge
  • Emails rejected: these are the emails deemed unsuitable for sending (for example, due to an invalid address)
  • Emails failed: these are the emails deemed by the email service to contain errors
  • Emails open: this is the total number of emails viewed by users in the mail clients
  • Links clicked: the list of links opened by users
All of these metrics make it possible to download a report in Excel format with the list of relevant events.
There is also an option for a Preview action to allow you to see the template of the mail sent.