Uploading a file

Every asset management section in DataWeb is configured by the development team give you the right compromise between space occupied, security and flexibility.
In particular, there are three parameters defined in every file upload area:
  • File format: only certain extensions are enabled (.jpg, .zip, etc.)
  • File size: the pre-set value is 4 megabytes, with the option to go as high as several gigabytes
  • The archive (storage) where the file is located (cloud, website, etc.)
Uploading a file is extremely easy: just use the "Select" action or drag the document to the "Drop here" area to begin the upload. The file is automatically uploaded to a temporary area before being processed for the saving of the data.
Did you know...?
The file is renamed with a unique internal identifier before storage. You can then upload two files with the same name without the risk of overwriting.