Keyboard shortcuts

The use of keyboard shortcuts allows you to enhance your productivity and makes it possible manage items even without having to use a mouse.
In general, you can move from one interactive zone to another using Tabs. For example, if you find yourself in a list and you click tab, you move first to the buttons at the top of the list and then  from one item to the next. The same thing happens in the forms, where you can move rapidly from one field to the next. A blue border highlights the active selection.
You can return to the previous item by pressing Shift+Tab.
By pressing Enter you activate the selected function (for example open or create an item).
When you find yourself in a form, press Control+s to save any changes, Control+Shift+s to apply them, Esc to cancel them.
Here is a summary of the keyboard shortcuts:
Tab Move to the next item
Shift+Tab Move to the previous item
Enter Activate the item
Control+s Save and close the form
Control+Shift+s Save (apply) the form
Esc Exit the form without saving