Introduction to resources

Alongside the content that is localized through the versions, the website has numerous text labels that must be localized to match the browsing language. These include for example the menu items, the text on the buttons and the system messages.
To manage the localization of these texts, you need to apply a placeholder to the webpage, onto which the translation will be applied to match the active language.
The name of these placeholders is composed of three parts:
  • The context: this is the general environment in which you find yourself, for example “App”, “Account” and “Store”
  • The group: specifies the sections within the context, for example “Catalog”, “Registration” and “Order”
  • The key: indicates the translation, for example “ClickHere”, “ViewAllProducts” e “NotFound”
The set of these parts, separated by periods, defines the resource name, for example App.Catalogue.ClickHere, App.Catalogue.ViewAllProducts and Store.Order.NotFound.
Through contexts and groups we can have the same translation applied to different environments, such as Store.Order.NotFound and App.Catalogue.NotFound.