Item statuses

The status of an item defines the conditions in which the item finds itself and where it is visible.
The item may have one of the following four statuses:
  • Active (blue): the item is complete and visible on the website
  • Preview (orange): the item is complete but is visible only in Preview mode on the website by users authenticated in DataWeb
  • Inactive (grey): the item is deactivated, it may be complete or incomplete, and can only be seen in DataWeb
  • Deleted (black): the item has been removed and is not visible anywhere without the assistance of the development team
It is not always possible to set a specific status for the item.
For example, if the item is not complete (or not all of the requested details have been compiled) the associated status cannot be set as Active or Preview.
The Deleted status cannot be selected, but is a direct consequence of the deletion of the item.
Did you know...?
If you mark an item as Deleted, rather than removing it directly from the database you have the option to recover it in the event of accidental deletion. This recovery operation is carried out by the development team.