Text editor

DataWeb's text editor allows you to lay out and format the content with a user experience very similar to that of Word.
Editor di testo

Certain functions are extremely intuitive: bold, justify and bullet points are typical commands in a text editor, so we shall look instead at certain specific actions for the formatting of a web page.
The template selector opens a window where you can choose the layout that is most suited to the content. Selecting a layout applies a yellow layer to the content area, where you can then enter text and images.
Esempio di modello applicato, con immagine a sinistra e testo a destra
YouTube video embed
You can integrate YouTube videos into your page by selecting the Video template.
At the point where you want to insert the video, an IFrame box has been placed. Double-clicking it opens a window where you can input the video's URL. The URL should consist of the YouTube domain, the /embed/ path and the video's identifier (e.g., https://www.youtube.com/embed/9bD61cgyl20).
You can find the YouTube video code in the original video's URL, for example, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bD61cgyl20.
The templates are designed to adapt to the most suitable project layout and the various device displays.
Did you know...?
The templates are split into “Page” and “Email”: the former are designed for webpages and use the project styles, whereas the latter are independent of the site and designed for consultation in an email client.
The image selector opens a window where you can select the image, its size on the page and the resizing mode. You can also add text for the “alt” tag.
The image must first be loaded to the item's image tab. The available dimensions are set by the development text, taking account of the project layout.
Last of all, the "fix" mode inserts the image to the selected size, shrinking it as necessary, whereas "crop" inserts it by cutting it.
The document selector is similar to the image selector: it requires a document to be uploaded, and you can also set the "alt" tag.
To insert a link you can use the link action. The options allow you to set the protocol and address of the link.
If you're inserting links within the website, always use relative links (i.e. without the domain, for example /news/latest-news).
The styles proposed in the editor are taken from the website and are designed to integrate perfectly into the public pages.
The Explore attributes command allows you to add or modify the HTML attributes of the selected item.
Did you know...?
When you paste some text into the editor, remember to remove any code concealed by other tools, such as Word. To paste text you can use the dedicated icon.