Localized Versions

Through the versions, it is possible to localize the data for a given item in the local language.
When you create a new version, you can decide which culture to associate it with using the "Set culture" action.
Selettore della cultura per la versione localizzata
Did you know...?
Localized versions are enabled by the development team for a specific section. Only the cultures on the site are offered automatically.
The pre-set culture for the versions is “Global”. In this case, the version is available in all the cultures.
If you select a specific culture, the “Global” version (if it exists) is automatically deactivated, and you necessarily have to set all the cultures. This is because “Global” and the specific cultures such as “it-IT” and “en-US” are mutually exclusive.
You can only have one version with the Active status for each culture. The same thing applies to the Preview status: there can only be one at a time. There can, however, be numerous versions with the Inactive status. For example, there can be two active versions, one “it-IT” and one “en-US” but not two active “it-IT” versions.
There are pieces of data that, regardless of the culture, never change – such as the product code.
Near these fields you will see the icon “Linked between versions”.
Icona di collegamento tra versioni
When you update the value of one of these fields, all of the versions are updated with the same value.
In this way, the data remain consistent without you having to update all of the versions.
The localized versions are visible both in the item detail and in the list.
Lista item con versioni localizzate