Searching and filtering

Filtering allow you to view, as a list, only those items that match the filters which have been set.
You can search in the label to conduct a general search or you can restrict the selection to specific fields like the title or the category.
The search does not take account of capital/small letters, and includes all of the items that comply with the filter, either wholly or partially.
For example, the text filter “value 1” will find all of the items with “Value 1”, “value 100” and “new value 10".
Did you know...?
Filters are generated on the basis of the fields in the list. You can ask the development team to add specific fields to the list. They will be automatically filterable.
Textual data are filtered with a free text field.
Numerical data and dates are selected with a range of values.
You can cancel a filter by deleting the value in it. Or you can remove all of the filters with the "Delete" action.
The Status filter allow you to restrict the selection to the items with the selected status. 
The Culture filter displays only the items with the localized version that are compatible with the selection, or with "Global".
By selecting this filter, the data localized in the selected culture will also be shown.