DataWeb 10.7.5402/11/2023

What's New
In this version, we have focused on the security and stability of the project. Thanks to the new cache implementations, performance has further improved.
Additionally, we have completely revised the search module based on Lucene to make it faster and more scalable. Here are the updates:
  • Improved caching strategies both server-side and browser-side
  • Complete review of the site search module: drastically improved performance and incremental indices for faster updates
  • Pdf Reports: new options to manage the header and footer of the document
  • Improvement of online documentation, both code and handbook
  • New version of the text editor with the possibility of embedding code snippets and markup coloring
  • Removed the ReplayToEmail parameter from newsletters
  • Newsletter template: centralized management of FromEmail to avoid sending errors
  • Update of the DataDeliver email formatting and queuing module
  • Import modules: display of parameters during processing
  • InlineItem control: ability to pass the version name to open it directly in DataWeb
  • Security: increase to 50,000 iterations for the password encryption algorithm
  • Security and stability: update of server-side NuGet packages
  • Security and stability: update of client-side NPM packages
  • Security: improved configuration of authentication tokens (ClockSkew)
  • Security: improved cookie generation with SameSiteMode.Lax, HttpOnly, and CookieSecurePolicy.Always
  • Code: renamed email sending methods (example: from SendPasswordResetAsync to SendPasswordResetEmailAsync)
  • Code: full support for the Volar plugin in VS Code
  • Code: review of the structure of Vue.js components
  • Code: unique developer password required during the installation of a new instance of DataWeb
  • Bugfix: Axios internal error when accessing DataWeb
  • Bugfix: corrected email format validator in the user section
  • Bugfix: corrected quick access URL to documentation in DataWeb
  • Bugfix: data not updated when executing an action in the DataWeb form
  • Bugfix: automatic generation of an Azure Blob Storage container if not present
  • Bugfix: access to the next resource by pressing Tab in the list
Happy DataWeb!
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